Arbortech is a family owned Plant Health Care business, dedicated to the preservation of our most valuable assets, our trees and shrubs.  We have a distinct advantage over most other trees services, as we specialize in “saving trees only.”  As I’m sure many of you have learned, specialization is the norm in today’s world when dealing with human health problems.  If you suffer from a heart problem, you go to a heart doctor, not a general practitioner. It should be the same for all living things.  Arbortech was one of the first companies to develop Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care policies and strategies.

Over 50 years experience is the most valuable diagnostic tool you can get.  Marge and Chip Kreider, owners of Arbortech, were one of the first Plant Health Care businesses in our area to specialize in treating tree decline and failure, from insect infestation to disease control and damage caused by physiological conditions, we are here to treat your trees as if they were our own, because in essence they really belong to us all.

Chip represented the N.J. Arborist Association for years as their president and applied his efforts to preserving the trees in New Jersey.  He was rewarded by being honored with the prestigious New Jersey Arborist of the Year award.  Chip has applied his expertise to many of the most beautiful canopied sites in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including both private and public properties such as Skylands Manor in New Jersey and Grey Towers in Pennsylvania.

Chip was recognized for his involvement in the NJ Arborist Association as being the number one recruiter by bringing so many new arborists into the association.  He was a founding member for the Committee for the Advancement of Arboriculture, which developed several educational programs including a climbing school, devoted to teaching young arborists the proper way to safely climb and care for trees. 

Among his other credentials Chip is a NJ Approved Arborist, ISA Certified Arborist, NJ Certified/Licensed Tree Expert and CAA Master Arborist.  He is also a NJ and Pennsylvania Licensed Pesticide Applicator.

What sets Arbortech apart from the rest is our customer communications.  While Chip works in the field, Marge is kept busy keeping our clients informed and up to date with what, when, why and how, to keep their plants healthy.  No one gets lost or forgotten and questions are answered in the most prompt and professional manner available.  Arbortech clients are far more than customers, they are our friends.

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