Pest and Disease Advice

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with the correct advice and treatment pests and diseases can be controlled before they become terminal for the tree or shrub.  We can advise on all kinds of issues including fungi, viruses, mite and insect damage, squirrels and parasites.  Gypsy Moth Control, Emerald Ash Borer, Mites, Aphids, Ticks, Adelgids, Pine Bark Beetles, Asian Long Horn Beetle, are some of the culprits we control.
Insect control via Foliar Sprays, Trunk Injections, Soil Amendments Trunk Injection Invigoration, Environmentally friendly controls.
Fungus control via Fungicide Sprays, Trunk Injections.
Tick Control-to lessen numbers and protect against Lyme disease. Organic programs available.


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What is Mycorrhizae is a question I’m asked everyday.  Mycorrhizae is nothing new.  It has been here for as long as trees started to grow, 400 to 460 million years ago.  In short, Mycorrhizae is a Beneficial Fungal Spore which has a symbiotic relationship between plant roots and the soil environment.  Ninety-five percent of all plant families have a 

mutualistic relationship with Mycorrhizae.

There are three ecological types of Mycorrhizae, Endo-Mycorrhizae, it works basically from within the plant, Ecto-Mycorrhizae, which has a more external function and Ericoid Mycorrhize.  

Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae are the most beneficial additives a plant can receive by means of a soil injection or soil drench.  The presence of Mycorrhizae Fungal Spores allow trees and shrubs to take up more water and nutrients, they make plants more resistant to disease and drought, they play a protective role to plants growing in contaminated soils with high metal levels and acidic soils.

Soil borne disease pathogens are less likely to affect trees with higher Mycorrhizae levels. Mycorrhizae can be mixed with other beneficial fungal spores such as Trichoderma.  As a team, the good fungal spores can act as a defense mechanism by attacking the bad fungal spores such as Armarilla.

Arbortech helped in the field testing of Mycorrhizae years ago when it first became available to the arboreal community.

We have used it to help trees recover from insect infestations, disease and physiological decline with great success!

In the past 50 years as an arborist, I have never found a product that can be as affective as Mycorrhizae for treating trees in decline.  Oh, and wait till you see what it can do for your flowers!  We not only use it in our treatment programs, but we can make it available to you.  It is easy to apply and has no environmental concerns.


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We can advise on the proper fertilization techniques for your  plant specific problems, prescription fertilization and the use of Mycorrhizae to improve both soil and plant health. Beneficial Fungal Spore treatments to help control damaging fungal conditions such that as those found on Rhododendrons. Services offered include prescription fertilization, fertilization of diseased trees, bio-stimulants, soil injection using Mycorrhizae, Organic soil innoculent to compensate for diseases, insects and physiological decline. Transplant Shock. We use various application techniques including Soil Drench, Deep-Root Feeding, Trunk Injection, Hydro-Liquid Soil Fracturing and Aeration. 


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The most common Plant Health Care problem we deal with today, is poor decisions made by MAN regarding what, how, why, when and where to plant.  These decisions can be made easier by recognizing all that will affect the health of each individual plant.



Can it be saved?

Should we keep it?  Is it dangerous?  How long will it live
and what can be done to make it safe?  These are just a few of the questions we answer everyday. We use state of the art testing equipment to help us in proper planting and decision making. Put your fears at ease with a professional opinion.

If your tree appears to be failing, defoliating, stressed, sick, damaged, hazardous, or in decline, we have treatments available to save them or prolong their life.

If your tree is beyond help, we can advise of whom you can use to remove and what may be best to replace with.


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We are not a large corporate business that needs to support the enormous monetary  aspects of Big
Business. We don’t need thousands of accounts to survive. We dedicate our service to quality work at a reasonable price.

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